Self-financed Visit

We welcome Chinese and foreign scholars to visit our centre anytime! We are pleased to provide you with the necessary documents to help you apply for funding to the relevant units. The center will also provide visitors with research facilities and assistance in arranging accommodation on campus. Applicants should send the following information to

Oxfam Visiting Scholar Scheme

Responding to Oxfam’s vision of “World without Poverty” and the strategy of “Bring Oxfam to China, Bring China to Oxfam”, the project supports USC to invite Mainland and overseas scholars, who are in the field of poverty reduction and sustainable social development, to discuss possible solutions to social development problems from an academic aspect, such as rural poverty, sustainable development, women’s rights, children education, etc. This project also aims at promoting the Hong Kong public’s understanding of contemporary China and their participation in anti-poverty campaigns through academic events, including luncheon seminars, international forums, film screenings and other forms of academic events on topics related to Chinese society.

Candidates for the Scheme are expected to be either established experts or promising young scholars in above-mentioned fields. They are welcome to use the centre’s collection to conduct research, and will participate in various activities under the scheme. Invited scholars will be provided with on-campus accommodation, living allowance (HK$150/ day) and limited travel subsidies during their stay (no longer than 1 month).

Interested applicants are advised to send the following documents to

1) the application form duly filled,

2) CV,

3) a research proposal no longer than two pages.

Please check useful information including the Centre's opening hours, on-campus accommodation and Hong Kong public holidays in order to better plan your visit at the Centre.