Database for the History of Contemporary Chinese Political Movements, 1949-

1. The Chinese Cultural Revolution Database (1966-1976), published in 2002-2006, including comprehensive sources on Chinese political movements between 1965-1985.

2. The Chinese Anti-Rightist Campaign Database (1957-), published in May 2010, covering sources on Chinese political movements between 1955-1958.

3. The Chinese Great Leap Forward-Great Famine Database (1958-1964), published in 2013, covering sources on all the political and economic turmoil during this period of time.

4. The early-mid 1950s Chinese Political Movements Databases, estimated publication time 2014-2015, covering sources on the Land Reform, the Thought Reform, and the Three Socialist Transformation.

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China Studies Research Papers Database

The Universities Service Centre for China Studies carefully selects outstanding papers in various fields of Chinese studies and establish the China Studies Research Paper Database. Readers can search by topic, keyword or author. (Latest update in 2015)

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Databank for China Studies (DCS)

With a view to promoting quantitative research on contemporary China, the Universities Service Centre of China Studies decided in 1995 to start collecting machine-readable data. There are a number of hurdles to overcome in the process. First of all, it is pioneering to make electronic data in China available to public use. Secondly, it is almost impossible to convince people there of the idea of data archiving and data-sharing for academic purpose, as information is sometimes regarded as intelligence, power or commercial goods. Finally, we succeeded in establishing several frameworks of academic cooperation in data development; but when the data arrived, we had to spend considerable man-hours to perform quality control. Frustrations often ensued as errors could not be corrected for one reason or another. We only hope that as quantitative research skills and professional attitudes improve, the quality of data will also be enhanced. The USC-Databank for China Studies can also make a humble contribution towards the rise in standard.

We are committed to collaborative efforts to enable data-sharing for academic study. We wish to thank Prof. Tom Lyons who was the first scholar to have gracefully deposited the datasets on Economic Geography of Fujian of the"Cornell East Asia Series" in our holdings. We hereby appeal to individuals and institutions to follow his step. Only with your generous support, we may be able to better serve the global academic community with more quality datasets at lower costs.

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Barometer on China’s Development Database (BOCD)

The BOCD (Barometer on China’s Development) project aims to build a first-rate electronic GIS database on developments in China at the Universities Service Centre for China Studies. The database will include social, economic, political and other indicators about 333 prefectures and 2,862 counties. Parameters of the database was selected by scholars from anthropology, demography, ecology, economics, education, geography, history, public administration, political science, social work, and sociology. The database will serve as a multi-dimensional barometer with which academic researchers and policy analysts from all over the world can monitor, explore, and evaluate China’s development. In return, users of the database will contribute resources and expertise for its maintenance and further development.

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