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中心活动 - 中国研究服务中心

2016 - 2017 返回

Sino-Japanese Relations at the Crossroads

October 27, 2016
Cho Yiu Hall (大学行政楼祖尧堂), The Chinese University of Hong Kong

Akio TAKAHARA (高原明生), The University of Tokyo
Sino-Japanese Relations: Perception Gaps and the Impact of Domestic Politics

Yinhong SHI (时殷弘), Renmin University of China
Strategic Situation of the Current Sino-Japanese Relations, and Major Tasks on the Part of China

Yunxiang LIANG (梁云祥), Peking University

Fengshi WU(吴逢时), Nanyang Technological University
China-Japan in Regional and International Politics

All are welcome!