About Us

Hailed as the "Mecca for China Studies", the Universities Service Centre was established in 1963 to serve Western academics and budding scholars engaged in the study of contemporary China. Becoming part of The Chinese University of Hong Kong in 1988 and now renamed The Universities Service Centre for China Studies (USC), it has expanded its services to include Hong Kong, mainland Chinese as well as international scholars. Today the Centre has grown into a vibrant, forward-looking institution renowned for its professional competence, friendly atmosphere, and the stimulating luncheon talks, which attract many local and international scholars of diverse backgrounds and interests. Above all, it prides itself on one of the most extensive and accessible Collection of a great variety of materials on contemporary China.

Some of its high-lights include:

  • Complete runs of more than 250 provincial and national newspapers and close to 1,500 periodicals from the early 1950s.
  • Over 1300 constantly updated regional and statistical yearbooks.
  • A large collection of provincial, city, county and village annals, including volumes on special topics.
  • Over 80,000 both Chinese and English titles of books on China, with a focus on regional research data.
  • A fast growing collection of carefully classified and readily searchable electronic data sources on its website, including an on-line collection of some of the best scholarly papers on contemporary China in both Chinese and English.

The Center would provide gratis library services as well as assistance with visa applications and lodging arrangements, and can offer a limited number of small study rooms and carrels for long-term users, who would enjoy not only its academic offerings but also the many homely gatherings and weekend excursions to country parks.

The Missions of USC include:

  • Create the best research environment
  • Facilitate exchange between local and international scholars
  • Advocate social responsibility of academics

Please click here to download USC Brochure (traditional Chinese version)

Please click here to download USC Brochure (simplified Chinese version)